Dr Disrespect’s Twitch stream hijacked by trash talking daughter ‘Baby Disrespect’

Twitch: Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect may be the king of trash talk on Twitch, but it looks like he has a new challenger in the form of his own daughter.

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The Doc introduced his daughter, who he has called ‘Baby Disrespect,’ during a livestream in 2017 and she has become a regular figure on his broadcasts ever since – appearing every so often to speak to her father. 

Now, after a few years of appearing alongside The Doc, she is seemingly matching her dad’s ability to talk trash – but instead of using it on enemies in a battle royale game, she’s taking shots at The Doc and his friends.

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G FUELThe Doc’s trash talking of opponents is unmatched – but his daughter isn’t far behind.

His daughter took over the stream, taking shots at both her dad and his teammates as they celebrated yet another win in Apex Legends. After being handed the mic, she introduced herself. “My name is Alana,” she said, “My dad has a poo-poo butt.”

Her trash talking wasn’t finished there, as Baby Disrespect turned her attention to Colton ‘Viss’ Visser, after he asked if she was on the mic. “It’s Mr poo-poo butt to you,” she replied to Viss, sparking widespread laughs from The Doc and his partners.

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Trying to wrangle his stream back under control, the Doc told her that it was his show before baby disrespect fired back with: “No it’s not! Now its mine.”

Putting an end to the shenanigans, the two-time lifted Baby Disrespect up and placed her off stream before she could showcase anymore of her high-level trash talk.

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While his daughter isn’t the right age to hear some of the Doc’s more adult-friendly trash talking, it’s clear that she is quickly following in the footsteps of her father.

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Could she be the next two-time, back-to-back, video gaming champion in a few years time? It remains to be seen – but she has one hell of a mentor to help her. 

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