Dr Disrespect accuses PUBG enemy of stream sniping – turns out it was LIRIK

Daniel Cleary
DR disrespect / LIRIK

Popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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Stream sniping can be one of the major downsides when trying to enjoy playing online as a popular streamer, and many often find themselves getting paranoid that everyone is out to ruin their game.

Twitch star Dr Disrespect is no stranger to being stream sniped, as the popular content creator often finds himself as a target for many of his viewers while playing battle royale games such as PUBG.

GFUELDr Disrespect often has hilarious feuds with other popular streamers.
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Although in one of his games of PUBG on July 26, Dr Disrespect found himself to be in the wrong when he unknowingly matched up against fellow streamer LIRIK and quickly accused him of ‘stream sniping’, after realizing LIRIK’s high ground advantage, “this guy’s a stream sniper right here.”

The Doc showed no respect to LIRIK, quickly giving chase to his fellow streamer after getting some shots off at him, shortly after the pair finally faced off with a gunfight which saw LIRIK come out on top, much to Dr Disrespect’s disappointment.

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It took Dr Disrespect a while to realize who it was that had killed him, as LIRIK had enabled streamer mode before playing, which hides his name from other players in-game.

However, LIRIK instantly noticed who he had killed and was shocked for a moment, questioning if it was the real Dr Disrespect.

“Oh my god, was that actually Doc?” he laughed to himself, before quickly falling to another player after being caught off guard.

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Dr Disrespect immediately began to question how he had died after being convinced that it was due to stream sniping him, and with the help of in-game replay system and his Twitch chat, the Two-Time champion learned that it was in fact his fellow Twitch streamer, “Was that…Wait was that LIRIK? It was LIRIK!”

He reacted in true Doc fashion, hilariously doubling down on his stream sniping accusations towards LIRIK and even getting his viewers involved.

“I knew it! LIRIK was stream sniping me ladies and gentleman, tell him to stop stream sniping me.”

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Dr Disrespect often finds himself going back and forth with other streamers on the livestreaming platform such as his ongoing feud with League of Legends personality Tyler1.

Although his hilarious clashes with other streamers including this one with LIRIK seems to be all in good fun, for the sake of entertaining his viewers.