DoorDash driver eats customer’s Arby’s order after getting $1 tip

DoorDash driver eats customer’s Arby’s order after getting $1 tipTIKTOK: doordashtips2

A DoorDash delivery driver went viral on TikTok after eating a customer’s Arby’s order because they tipped just $1.

In a viral 20-second clip, content creator and Dasher doordashtips2 opened a red foil bag containing the food as he spoke to the camera.

“DoorDash customer only tipped one dollar, hmm let’s see what he got at Arby’s huh?” he said. “Beef and cheddar, he’s got the french dip, and the crinkle fries. Oh man, that’s my favorite.”

He then grabbed a curly fry from the bag and started eating it. “Thank you $1 tipper! Peace!” he concluded, pointing to the camera while laughing.

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The video garnered 600,000 views and 25,000 likes, as viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts on the delivery driver’s ‘revenge.’

TikTok divided over DoorDash driver eating customer’s food

Some TikTok users defended the driver’s actions, and believed that he should have received a larger tip. 

“Tip your delivery drivers. If you can’t afford a tip, don’t eat out,” one user commented. 

“I always tip. DoorDash drivers are more likely to accept my order and get it to me faster. I tip for convenience,” another wrote.

“Dude yes! You are my hero,” a third proclaimed.

Others, however, were shocked that the driver ate his customer’s food, saying they were not obligated to tip at all.

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“A tip is a tip be thankful that money in your pocket might not be much but it’s the thought that counts. There are people who don’t tip,” one user said.

“Some people can’t afford more than the cost of the food,” another added.

“Tips before getting food is crazy,” one user wrote. The content creator replied, “No tip no food.”

This is just the latest DoorDash driver moment to take off on TikTok, after a woman claimed that her neighbor’s delivery driver stole her dog.