Dolan Twins announce major change to YouTube schedule in emotional video

Dolan Twins, YouTube

YouTube duo “the Dolan Twins” are familiar faces on the platform, boasting a storied career on the site form just 14 years of age – but the two are making a big change to their normal output in light of recent events.

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The 19-year-old YouTubers shocked the net after announcing news of their father’s passing in early 2019, asking fans to respect their privacy during the funeral in wake of hashtags like “#seandolanfuneralparty.”

However, it wasn’t these proposed fan meetups that prompted the twins to upload their latest video: instead, it was a mixture of recent events, including their own “addiction to work” that is bringing about a big change for the two.

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Dolan Twins, YouTubeThe Dolan Twins finally broke their silence about the death of their father, who passed away in early 2019.

Ethan and Grayson Dolan released an emotional video on October 8 in collaboration with YouTube star Shane Dawson, where the two admitted that they’re bringing a halt to their weekly uploads in wake of work addiction and stress from their father’s passing.

“We would, like, be taking care of our dad, and then immediately getting on a flight to LA, filming a video, then coming back,” they explained. “My dad had cancer for two years. …I felt like if I wasn’t in caretaker mode or filming mode, then I was doing something wrong.”

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In fact, the twins have been working so hard that they admitted to feeling “numb,” and even expressed regret for their work ethic by claiming that, “Had we not been filming a video every week, we would have been able to spend more time with our family around the time that they needed us.”

That’s not all: the twins also admitted that their online personas crafted at 14 don’t exactly reflect who they are now, and had been afraid to admit this fact for fear of angering their fanbase.

Dolan Twins, InstagramThe Dolan Twins have made a major change to their schedule and are halting their weekly uploads.
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The twins’ video is currently sitting at number one on YouTube’s trending page at the time of writing – not an unusual development for videos directed by Dawson, with his series “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” making a similar splash last week.

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Both Ethan and Grayson have thanked their fans in wake of their video’s release, which saw an outpouring of support across the net.