Does Crumbl Cookies use Betty Crocker cake mix? Viral TikTok sparks rumors

Crumbl cookies goes viral tiktok cake mixYouTube: Crumbl Cookies / TikTok

Crumbl Cookies is one of the trendiest confectionaries right now, and it’s taking over social media — but a viral TikTok is throwing the beloved bakery into question.

Crumbl Cookies is TikTok’s favorite cookie destination. The bakery boasts a number of unique flavors, including everything from your basic chocolate chip to the Almost Everything Bagel and more.

Their cookies are soft, flavorful, and huge; in fact, one single cookie is almost bigger than the size of this writer’s hand.

The general fanfare surrounding Crumbl Cookies on social media has been hit with a major rumor, though, after one cookie-lover discovered some shocking ingredients at her local spot.

TikTok users outraged over cake mix boxes at Crumbl Cookies

TikToker ‘Ashleigh Tobin’ posted a video to the popular social media platform on September 7 showing the kitchen at her Crumbl Cookies location…which happened to have what looks like several boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix behind the counter.

“So, you’re telling me Crumbl uses Betty Crocker cake mix?” she captioned the video, which has garnered over 3 million views since being uploaded a day ago, at the time of writing.

Commenters are expressing their disappointment and distaste for this potential ingredient, citing concerns with the chain’s prices.

crumbl cookies comments tiktokTikTok: ashleighntobin

However, a few former Crumbl employees pointed out that not all of the bakery’s cookies use the cake mix. Instead, they claim that this is an ingredient for a specialty cookie only.

Crumbl cookies comments 1TikTok: ashleighntobin

Other commenters pointed out that plenty of professional bakers and confectionaries use cake mix… but others weren’t so sure about that point.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that TikTok isn’t impressed by the hype surrounding Crumbl Cookies — nor its lawsuit against rival company Dirty Dough, which they claim copied their branding.

This is just the latest baking-related drama to take over the platform, after users became horrified after learning where vanilla flavoring actually comes from.