Dixie D’Amelio makes up with Nailea Devora after “upsetting” Noah Beck drama

Dixie and Nailea devora make up after noah beck dramaInstagram: dixiedamelio, naileadevora

Dixie D’Amelio has officially mended her friendship with TikToker Nailea Devora after the two got into a spat over Dixie’s boyfriend, Noah Beck — and the internet couldn’t be happier.

Dixie D’Amelio has been dating boyfriend Noah Beck since September 2020, but their relationship became a key facet of drama between Dixie and her bestie, Nailea, nearly two years later.

Dixie and Nailea were once thick as thieves, but things got awkward for the friends in May 2022 after TikTok star Larray uploaded a video that showed Nailea and Noah goofing off together.

In the video, Nailea was playing around with a bald filter, which she put on Noah (and laughed at the results), notably touching his head to get a good position for the filter.

Afterwards, Dixie uploaded a pic where she seemed to be a little upset at how close Nailea was getting to her man. In response, Nailea posted a video where she called out “this girl who thought I wanted her man because I breathed near him.”

“I was breathing, and he happened to be six feet away from me,” Nailea said. “While I was breathing. And she swore I wanted her man.”

However, according to Dixie, the drama was pretty one-sided. She discussed the issue during an episode of the BFFs Podcast, where she claimed that she “really liked” Nailea and that she “didn’t have a problem with her.”

It looks like this statement still holds true, as the duo have appeared to squash their months-long beef. The BFFS posed for an affectionate pic together, which Dixie posted to her Instagram stories right after her shocking hair transformation.

dixie and naileaInstagram: dixiedamelio

Naliea also posted a pic to her Instagram stories, where she gave Dixie an adorable smooch on the cheek.

nailea and dixie bestiesInstagram: naileadevora

The two seem happier than ever, marking yet another positive development in Dixie’s life after the TikTok star-turned-singer completely buzzed her hair, strutting the red carpet in her Furiosa-inspired fierceness. You go, girl!