Disguised Toast responds to backlash over “support small streamers” tweet - Dexerto

Disguised Toast responds to backlash over “support small streamers” tweet

Published: 10/Nov/2019 1:01 Updated: 10/Nov/2019 3:03

by Virginia Glaze


Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang is one of Twitch’s top content creators, boasting over 1.2 million followers on the site – but he’s encouraging his viewers to send their subscriptions to smaller streamers, instead.

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On November7, Wang announced that he’d turned off all donations to his channel and asked his fans to send their $5 subscriptions to streamers with smaller audiences.

“After turning off donations on my stream, I’m going to ask all my viewers to not subscribe and instead use that $5 and sub to a smaller streamer instead,” he Tweeted. “When you’re watching the stream, you’re already giving tons of support, so thank you.”


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While it might seem that Wang’s actions were ultimately for a good cause, not everyone was pleased with his statement, with critics taking to sites like Reddit to complain about the announcement.

In fact, one critic accused the streamer of “grandstanding” – an insult that Wang responded to during a broadcast the very next day.

“How do I tell people to sub to smaller streamers without making a Tweet about it?” he asked sarcastically. “…how do you do that quietly? How do you tell one million followers on Twitch and 200k followers on Twitter quietly?

Some viewers were skeptical that DisguisedToast’s announcement was a mere PR stunt.
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That wasn’t the end of the streamer’s sarcasm: he went on to echo the sentiments of a commenter within the thread, who’d joked that he should have “privately messaged each viewer individually.”


“You know what? That’s what I should have done,” Wang continued. “Chat, can you send me your emails, so I can email you individually, and to not make a big statement to cover all my bases at once?”

Although a tongue-in-cheek jab at the criticism, Wang’s statement acts as an answer for those wondering why he’d decided to Tweet his statement rather than merely announcing it on-stream – as a means to “cover all his bases.”

While it’s unclear exactly how much dough streamers like Disguised Toast actually earn, the streamer broke down some of his own numbers in a video last year- and its safe to say that he’ll likely be fine without his donations, instead opting to help out fellow streamers in the community.