Popular Streamer ‘Destiny’ Fires Back on Thorin’s Opinion of Fortnite at the Stockholm Esports Awards

Virginia Glaze

Popular streamer Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell took a look at Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields’ comments during the Stockholm Esports Awards – and he wasn’t happy with what the caster had to say.

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Thorin, known as ‘The Esports Historian’ due to his extensive game knowledge and longtime involvement in competitive gaming, went on a tangent during an interview at the Esports Awards.

He roasted the CS:GO FACEIT London Major as well as Fortnite, insinuating that the game is for children.

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Thorin was asked if Fortnite would make a decent esport, as opposed to legacy titles like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. He didn’t seem to think so.

“I’m not 12, so I’ve never played that game.”

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Destiny watched the clip with a hand covering his face in embarrassment. His comments on the video expressed shame at Thorin’s opinion on the matter, and that his job as an esports commentator rendered his statement hypocritical.

“My face, when your job is a professional video game commentator, and you make fun of how old other people are for playing fucking video games.”

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He also questioned Thorin’s passion for the games he commentates.

“My fucking face when you don’t even play the video games you fucking commentate.”

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Thorin’s opinions that night were blazing hot. When asked about what the future of esports, he threw major shade on the FACEIT Major.

“Not much, to me – again, shout out to FACEIT… I might put in an appearance, if I can get a ticket. Anybody got a ticket, any scalpers making an appearance? No? Nobody’s going anyway, are they?”

Thorin’s responses echo his previous criticisms of the competition. FACEIT is taking place at London’s Wembley Arena, and will span from September 5 – 23.