Destiny 2 streamer becomes the most-subbed solo channel on Twitch


Destiny streamer Sean “GLADD” Gallagher has become the most-subbed individual channel on Twitch in February 2020, according to metrics tracking site

Previously, the most-subbed individual streamer on the platform was former Overwatch pro Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, until GLADD moved ahead of his ranking on February 5.

Even though he’s currently the most-subbed individual channel with 32,443 subs (at the time of writing), the channel with the highest amount of subscriptions on the site is GamesDoneQuick with 36,579.

GLADD managed to pull ahead of xQc and Summit1G in February.

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GamesDoneQuick is the top-subbed channel overall, probably in part because of the Awesome Games Done Quick charity event, which only just wrapped up on January 12, 2020.

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GLADD’s subs seem to almost entirely be paid, according to TwitchTracker, in contrast to GDQ, where over half of the subs were the free ones included in Prime.

“You guys f*cking did it,” GLADD told fans on Twitter. “#1 most subbed individual Twitch channel, worldwide. Very watery-eyed right now.” 

“Thanks to all who’ve stuck around since day 1, and to those who just started tuning in,” he continued. “Life is all about the journey and it’s been quite a ride with YOU!”

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Unlike followers, Twitch streamers’ subscriber counts aren’t directly available to the public, and many fans have to simply guess at the number of subscribers content creators have gained while on the platform.

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Sites like TwitchTracker organize the Twitch’s top broadcasters by their subscriber count, splitting subs by type – and while their numbers do come with a certain margin of error, they have been fairly reliable, as seen when xQc made it to the top of the sub counts in October 2019.

According to TwitchTracker, all of GLADD’s 32,443 were paid (that means no Prime subs) and, interestingly enough, 21,890 of those paid subs were gifted ones.

Twitch allows users to purchase up to 100 subscriptions at once and gift them to other viewers on the same channel, which doesn’t make those subs less legitimate by any means – but is an interesting detail.

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GLADD and his chat were obviously overjoyed about the accomplishment.

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xQc was right behind GLADD with 30,865 subs, followed by Summit1G in 4th with 30,500 subs. Surprisingly enough, streaming star DrDisRespect was all the way down in 8th, with 23,459 subs.