Infamous rager Dellor destroys mouse after emotional return from Twitch ban

Screengrab via Twitch

Former Overwatch professional Matthew ‘Dellor’ Vaughan unleashed his bottled-up rage during his first day back streaming – furiously destroying his mouse.

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Dellor is known for his controversial outbursts and moments of extreme rage while streaming to his fans. He was handed a suspension by Apex Legends. However, he had that ban reduced in May and has since returned to streaming.

However, despite his run-in with the Fortnite Battle Royale as he went in search of a solo Victory Royale. However, things didn’t go his way and after a few defeats Dellor flipped out – furiously slamming his mouse against his desk.

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“There, my mouse is broke. There, it’s broke,” he stated, before continuing to slam his desk. After a few more punches, Dellor walked away from the stream as he tried to compose himself, but that didn’t work either.

Still furious, the streamer continued with a moment of reflection: “Fuck this, fuck this. Streaming a game I hate, losing, having no fun – on a platform, I am not partnered on and can’t be partnered on. What the fuck am I doing with my life?”

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The streamer had made an earlier return to the platform on May 30, chatting to fans and discussing the fact that he had lost his Twitch contract. “I can’t use the partner fucking email,” explained a visibly distraught Dellor.

“The only contact I had said that they can’t fucking help me anymore. I can’t fucking believe this.” He continued on, describing his quick ascent on Twitch at the start of the May, before it all came crashing down.

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Despite the fact that Dellor states that he cannot be partnered again, it remains to be seen if Twitch reserves their decision and grants his access back to the partner program.

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