Day6’s Jae and OfflineTV play Among Us in crazy crossover Twitch stream

Georgina Smith
OfflineTV Jae Park Collab
OfflineTV / Instagram: Jae Park

Twitch viewers witnessed the most unexpected crossover ever on August 19 when Kpop star and Day6 band member Jae Park joined OfflineTV and friends in a game of Among Us.

Offline TV is a Twitch creator group that comprises popular streamers such as Pokimane, LilyPichu, and Michael Reeves. Collectively they pull in a huge amount of traffic, with over 350,000 followers on their shared Instagram account alone.

A Kpop star is perhaps the last person you’d expect to collaborate with a group of streamers. Day6 is a popular Korean rock band with JYP entertainment, consisting of five members, including 27-year-old Jae Park.

YouTube: OfflineTV
Myth spoke about his streaming plans on the OfflineTV Podcast

Once Jae enters the stream, the creators encourage him to step out from the group and introduce himself, to which one of the members joked “is this like a fan signing? Who goes first?”

He introduced himself and praised some of his favorite gamers saying “I am an extreme OfflineTV fan.” He told everyone that he “loves everyone here” but also let the creators and viewers know that he was “so nervous” and that he “couldn’t sleep last night.”

And in another unexpected twist, streamer Scarra had someone claiming to be Jae’s old college roommate in his chat. When asked Jae about it directly, he confirmed it saying “Robin has a lot of stories, we used to have a good time in college.”

Jae Park OfflineTV Comment

Jae Park OfflineTV Comment

Fans of both OfflineTV and Day6 couldn’t believe their luck, saying “as a Day6 and OTV fan, this was an unexpected crossover but I am not complaining,” and “Jae is so chill and the fact that he’s playing with OTV and friends (my fav streamers) makes it even better.”

It’s certainly possible that this collaboration will lead to more cross-industry content in the future, proving to be a good sign for streaming and Kpop fans.