David Goggins’ fiancé reveals what it’s like to live with him

Virginia Glaze
David Goggins speaks to Motivation Madness in an interview.

In a humorous Instagram post, former US Navy Seal and ultramarathon runner David Goggins’ fiancé revealed that it’s not always easy living with one of the world’s most fit individuals.

Goggins’ athletic pursuits are nothing to sniff at: the US Air Force veteran boasts a resume that includes being everything from a triathlete to an ultra-distance cyclist, marathon runner, and more.

He’s a motivational speaker and author, and has also published his own memoir, a self-help title called “Can’t Hurt Me.”

Considering his massive accomplishments and celebrity status as a top-tier athlete, it doesn’t come as a huge shock to fans that he’s a busy man — but it’s not his packed lifestyle that has supporters shocked on social media.

Goggins’ fiancé, Jennifer Kish, posted a photo of her betrothed’s feet to Instagram back in September 2020, which is definitely worthy of a content warning.

The man’s toes are bunion city, completely cracked and bruised to high heaven — but Kish isn’t too concerned with the state of his literal athlete’s foot.

In her post, Kish explained that the state of Goggins’ feet is due to his incredible dedication to fitness, claiming that his “mind-numbing, monotonous grind” includes running “no less than 10 miles each day, gym work, and at least two hours of stretching.”

(WARNING: You’re about to see some seriously gross feet.)

Kish elaborates on the living situation with David Goggins

“The alarm is set for the same time every day, the protein drink is the exact same every day, the journaling each night, etc.,” she continued. “The monotony is REAL!”

“I don’t think he is even remotely impressed when I tell him how many weeks his life story has been sitting on the bestseller lists,” she added. “…The things that move or excite most people don’t seem to even register or matter to him, yet he is more content and has more peace in his life than anyone else I know. He wants for nothing and doesn’t spend time worrying about what other people think about him.”

While Goggins jokingly claimed that it “takes a special [kind]” to live with him, it seems that Kish truly understands the neverending grind of her fiancé — making for a goals-worthy pairing that just about anyone can look up to.