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David Dobrik embarrasses Jeff Wittek for calling his father “daddy”

Published: 23/Feb/2020 17:22 Updated: 23/Feb/2020 18:05

by Connor Bennett


YouTuber David Dobrik has revealed a brilliant new set of bloopers from his recent vlogs that show some hilarious behind the scenes moments between him and his friends that include him embarrassing Jeff Wittek for calling his father “daddy.”

While some YouTuber vloggers opt to share their daily routines with fans on a regular basis, David Dobrik is a little bit different. His quick hit vlogs focus around amusing moments or pranks that he has with his friends and fellow creators – as he only uploads the videos every so often.

However, there is plenty of work that goes into them. While they may seem perfect when they’re released, his hijinx don’t always go to plan. That, though, gives him the chance to conjure up an outtakes video that he can fill with hilarious bloopers. 


david dobrik
Instagram: daviddobrik
David Dobrik is one of the most popular YouTubers.

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His February 23 upload was no different, as the popular YouTuber showed some of the conversations and moments that didn’t quite make it into his recent vlogs. 

Some of the moments included interrupting his assistant Natalie as they did an airport Q&A, all the failed attempts from his soccer star friend’s long-range shot stunt, and bringing up how pal Jeff called his father “daddy,” even though he tried to dispute it. 

“Fun fact about Jeff, he calls his dad daddy,” Dobrik said to the laughter of his other passengers. Though Jeff said to “prove it,” the YouTuber informed his friend that he still had the footage. David did, in fact, have the video as he cut back to a five-month-old clip where Jeff offered someone advice on a racehorse because his “daddy said to bet the girl horse.”


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Though, it wasn’t just Jeff that he embarrassed in the video. Dobrik even showed how he used a Mariachi band to implore his assistant Natalie to wake up and get out of bed.

However, instead of strumming their instruments with a traditional tune or replicating an alarm clock, they had a bit of a different message. “Natalie, you lazy piece of s**t, wake up and do your f**king job,” they sung – leaving Dobrik and his close friend in a fit of laughter. 

In typical Dobrik fashion, there are even a few clips of him embarrassing his pals by showing off conversations about relationships. For his loyal fans though, it’s another look behind the curtain of the YouTuber they enjoy seeing content from.