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David Dobrik releases “grossest” vlog footage ever

Published: 25/Feb/2020 12:51

by Jacob Hale


David Dobrik has released what he believes is “the grossest thing [we’ve] ever done” in his February 24 vlog, making people physically sick in the process.

Though Dobrik’s content is usually lighthearted, quick skits or jokes that are easily consumed and to enjoy, this particular footage even came with a warning beforehand, with Dobrik even advising viewers to stop watching.

Of course, when he frames it as “the grossest thing we’ve ever done,” not many people will be able to just leave it there – but the footage is truly grim.

David Dobrik driving in YouTube vlog
YouTube: David Dobrik
Dobrik and his friends have done some questionable things before – but this might top it.

After what seemed to be one of his regular vlogs, which saw his friends making fools of themselves and generally being sociable, David explains what is about to happen and advises viewers to “just skip over this if you hate gross s**t” but that he finds it “so funny.”


He proceeds to show footage of his friend Suzy Antonyan holding a cup, which he says is “p*ss” for a “drug test” – then says that “Jason is going to drink it.” Hardly missing a beat, Jason raises the cup to his mouth and everyone immediately starts freaking out.

While carnage is ensuing around him, Jason sips the urine sample (although we can’t confirm the legitimacy of said urine) and behind him, Suzy’s brother Nick starts vomiting at the end of the bed.

(Timestamp 2:51 for mobile viewers)

The entire scene is genuinely disgusting, but it’s revealed after that it was, in fact, a planned stunt, and that the vomit was just a caramel macchiato.


Suffice to say, if you’ve got a weak stomach this footage might have pushed you over the edge, and it definitely crosses the line for what might be considered family-friendly content despite the fact it wasn’t real.

With many upcoming YouTubers looking to emulate some of David Dobrik’s style, since his vlogs are so incredibly popular, we’re just hoping this doesn’t become a more common occurrence.