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Danielle Cohn reveals split from Mikey Tua after getting matching tattoo

Published: 2/Dec/2020 14:57

by Alice Hearing


Danielle Cohn has revealed that she and long-time boyfriend Mikey Tua have split up in a move that surprised fans after the couple got matching tattoos together.

Danielle Cohn is one of TikTok’s biggest stars with 18.7 million followers and more than 4 million followers on Instagram. She has been on the app since it was musical.ly, becoming a social media influencer at a very young age.

The TikToker’s relationship status has often been scrutinized in the public eye. Mikey and Danielle have previously come under fire for the age difference in their relationship, as she is 16 and he is 18.


In July, it was also revealed that Danielle had an abortion. Although Mikey was allegedly not involved, it prompted a wave of concern from fans after the star’s age had also been called into question when her Dad claimed that she was born in 2006.

Danielle Cohn Mikey Tua break up
Instagram: Danielle Cohn
Danielle and Mikey revealed the split in separate TikToks

Danielle and Mikey appeared to be for the long term, despite breaking up in 2019 and returning to each other in April. In September, Danielle revealed on Instagram that they’d got tattoos together where one said ‘To the moon’ and the other said ‘…forever.’


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In a post to TikTok Danielle showed pictures of what her dream wedding would look like and then pointed the camera to Mikey with the caption “Most of all for him to be the person I’m marrying.”


However, fans noticed on Tuesday, December 1 that Mikey appeared in one of Kelliane Stankus’ TikToks taking part in a trend where creators move to one side of the screen or the other based on whether they’re single or not. To fans’ surprise, Mikey moved to the single side.

Danielle also posted a video taking part in the same trend and moved over to the single side alongside her friend and fellow influencer Desiree Montoya.

@daniellecohn@dxddy._.desi♬ It’s Tricky – RUN DMC

It seems as though many were unsurprised that the pair had broken up considering their history, while several people mentioned their tattoos in the comments, with one person saying “those ‘matching’ tattoos didn’t age well,” while another wrote, “Guess the matching tattoos were a bad idea.”


Some fans still think Mikey and Danielle will get back together, but that remains to be seen.