CS:GO streamer Anomaly reveals why NiP were “assholes” to him

Andy Williams

In a Twitch stream on August 17, popular CS:GO personality Ludwig ‘Anomaly’ Lagerstedt spoke out against NiP, revealing his interaction with the org when he was looking for a sponsor.

Following Richard Lewis’ interview with Robin ‘Fifflaren’ Johansson, those formerly affiliated with NiP Gaming are arising from the shadows and exposing them for alleged previous operational wrongdoings. 

Amid the current controversy that has ensued, Anomaly becomes the latest in a long-line of popular personalities to open-up about the Swedish organization.

ESLThe successes of the 2014 ESL: Cologne Major seem like a distant memory.

Less than 24 hours after Anomaly’s ban was lifted by Twitch, the popular streamer opened up about an exchange between himself and the organization popularized for their Counter-Strike successes.

Now partnered with Swedish giants Fnatic, Anomaly explains that he originally was in talks with their Swedish counterparts, NiP, in a bid to keep his options open while pursuing a partnership. 

“Basically, when I wasn’t partnered with Fnatic, I was talking with Fnatic and I was like: Yo, okay so you wanna partner? That’s kinda cool ‘cause I fucking love you guys to shit and you’re Swedish – I fucking like it – I was also writing to NiP.”

Anomaly goes on to explain how he is “very happy” that he stayed with Fnatic, given the current situation with their Swedish rivals.

Lagerstedt revealed that NiP didn’t necessarily handle the situation in the most professional manner, and ultimately this acted as a deterrent, by snubbing him off after hearing that he was also in partnership discussions with Fnatic.  

“NiP were also kinda assholes… When I said that I was talking to Fnatic, they were like: “Okay, bye”. 

Although Anomaly’s claims at how the organization treated him may hold substance, a response from NiP Gaming is yet to surface.

Indeed, it will be interesting to see how this mounts up against the other allegations that have been thrown NiP’s way of-late. 

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