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Crazy NBA 2K20 bug goes viral as character grows 50ft arms

Published: 3/Feb/2020 13:06

by Kamil Malinowski


An incredibly strange NBA 2K20 bug that turns a player’s arms unbelievably massive has taken the internet by storm, while leaving many confused. 

The NBA 2K series is the most popular basketball game out there, with millions of players buying the newest versions each year.

Just like with any game, bugs tend to pop up and sometimes have a strange effect on the game. However, this one may just be the most bizarre glitch in any game, ever, as one player’s arms grew to incredible lengths, making him an unstoppable basketball monster.

NBA 2k20 in game
2K Games
NBA 2K20 is the latest edition of the ever-popular 2K basketball series.

The bug was highlighted by NBA 2K YouTuber ‘Tray’ in a video on January 27, where he played a game with a set of custom characters – one of which somehow grew giant arms.


There was nothing anyone could do against the glitched character, who was incredibly confusing to play against thanks to his arms that stretched all the way down to his feet, and more. 

Not only that, but his movement looked absolutely hilarious as his arms wildly dangled around, causing everyone to lose it in a fit of laughter.

Surprisingly enough, that wasn’t the only bug discovered in the game, as another player had somehow turned invisible. The odds ended up being stacked quite heavily in the favor of one team, who had both a basketball monster with 50ft arms and an invisible player.


This quickly blew up online, with one tweet getting over 2.3 million views in just two days – with the majority of people absolutely loving it.

Comments like “Looooool why is he even jumping, his arms longer than his whole body,” laughter, and a whole bunch of emojis quickly filled the tweet replies.

Hopefully such a huge bug doesn’t happen again, although, it was hilarious to watch.