CouRage makes Fall Guys history with 100 wins in marathon stream

CouRage streaming on YouTubeYouTube: CouRage

YouTuber Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop hit a “new record” after competing in 100 hundred Fall Guys games in one grueling 35-hour-long stream.

Battle royale Fall Guys has skyrocketed in popularity since becoming free-to-play in June 2022.

As a result, Fall Guys has become one of the most popular games in the streaming community. It’s hard to find a content creator who hasn’t been showing off battling it out for victory as the little ragdoll characters.

YouTube star CouRage then took it to the next level when he managed to pull in 100 Fall Guys wins during one livestream. However, that wasn’t the only success he had to celebrate.

CouRage wins big during 35-hour livestream

On August 1, CouRage finally concluded one of his longest livestreams clocking in at “35 hours, 57 minutes, and 46 seconds.”

During the broadcast, CouRage had managed to pull in a whopping 100 Fall Guys wins against his fellow online players.

He claimed that in completing the mission “Fall Guys history had been made.” Not only that but he showed his pride and excitement for the video calling it the “greatest stream of 2022.”

However, that wasn’t the only victory for CouRage. The 28-year-old also revealed that his channel “broke 70,000,000 views this month across the 4 YouTube channels” earning him and his team a “new record.”

Showing his appreciation to his supportive fans, CouRage said: “CoD, Fortnite, Apex, Fall Guys…It doesn’t matter! The CouRageous always have my back […] Overwhelmed by the love. Cheers, fam. I see all your positive words. Thanks for lifting me and each other up everyday.”

The news no doubt also came as a relief for CouRage after having some disappointing figures due to struggles with YouTube’s algorithm.

Although, his latest victory proves things are clearly on the up for CouRage with him pulling one of his most successful wins and streams of the year so far.