Valkyrae loses it as Fall Guys troll won’t leave her alone

Valkyrae explodes at Fall Guys troll

Popular YouTube streamer Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter lost it on stream due to a cheeky Fall Guys troll.

Streaming can often be a difficult career, especially when you just want to chill and play games with your friends. Valkyrae is all too familiar with this problem.

The fame and success can be enticing, but streamers are often recognized in-game. This can lead to teammates or opponents trolling or griefing a streamer for attention.

While these trolls rarely do anything that harmful in-game, dealing with players whose sole goal is to get noticed by a streamer can be exhausting. It can push even the cheeriest streamers to snap, as Valkyrae demonstrated recently.

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Valkyrae snaps at Fall Guys troll

Valkyrae vents her frustration at a Fall Guys trollValkyrae vents her frustration at a Fall Guys troll.

Recently, Valkyrae was playing the popular battle royale obstacle course game ‘Fall Guys’ with several friends on stream. Fall Guys is a difficult enough game to navigate even without trolls, and the obstacles can cause plenty of frustration for players all on their own.

However, in this particular game, another player seemed to have recognized Valkyrae and made it their sole goal to annoy her.

This fellow bean spent the entire round in the video following Valkyrae, grabbing, and shoving her.

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Usually, the grab and shove commands are used by players who want to get an advantage over an opponent so they can beat them to the finish line. This player, though, didn’t appear to be at all interested in getting to the finish line.

In response to getting grabbed by another bean, Valkyrae snapped and yelled, “I get it, you’re f***ing clingy! You’re so f***ing annoying! Die, just die!”

Her friends pointed out that she had a bit of an overreaction, but it seems this wasn’t an isolated incident; the player had actually been grabbing Valkyrae in games “all day,” which would certainly be quite frustrating for anyone.

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Eventually, Valkyrae started laughing along with her friends, making it clear she wasn’t being serious with her outburst.

It may have been for laughs, but even the brightest streamers can get annoyed by a troll.

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