Corinna Kopf and Tfue get physical in surprise Twitch stream

Corinna Kopf, Instagram / Tfue, YouTube

While Fortnite pro FaZe Tfue hasn’t exactly kept his relationship with Instagram model Corinna Kopf a secret, things got a bit steamy between the two during a live broadcast.

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Tfue was in the midst of a Fortnite stream on March 16 when he appeared to receive a text message from an unknown individual, who later walked into his room – much to his bemusement.

Even though Tfue tried to play it cool, his face gave the entire operation away, and he quickly removed himself from his streaming station to give Corinna a few noisy kisses off-camera.

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Although he didn’t make any mention of Kopf’s presence, his chat wasn’t fooled, joking that he was kissing his “goldfish.”

This isn’t the first time Corinna has made a surprise appearance on Tfue’s stream, either; the model likewise infiltrated his broadcast on March 7, which Tfue attempted to explain by claiming that Korinna was his “goldfish” after viewers heard her talking off-camera.

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However, Korinna wasn’t one to be hidden away, and even gave viewers a hilarious ASMR session over the mic.

Following a slew of dating rumors between the two in late 2018, Tfue and Kopf finally made their relationship public in a series of Instagram posts on March 3, after Kopf appeared to end her casual fling with YouTuber Logan Paul.

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While Tfue himself tried to keep their romance under wraps, it looks like the two are finally public – even though Tfue continues to hide Kopf from his stream (albeit unsuccessfully).