Corinna Kopf slams KEEMSTAR over “body shaming” tweet

Corinna Kopf, Instagram / KEEMSTAR, Twitter

Social media star and Instagram model Corinna Kopf is lashing out at Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem, after he published a tweet making fun of Corinna’s body.

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KEEMSTAR uploaded a caption from one of Corinna’s Instagram posts, where she embraced her body without using photoshop and encouraged other women to do the same.

However, KEEMSTAR saw the opportunity to make a joke out of the caption, tweeting, “Now I understand why Logan Paul was obsessed with the flat earth,” in reference to Kopf’s booty pic (and her short-lived relationship with Paul).

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Corinna was not happy with KEEMSTAR’s comment, and went on to slam the YouTuber in a series of scathing tweets.

“You have some UNREALISTIC expectations for women’s bodies,” Corinna replied. “…THIS is why women have confidence issues with their bodies, and I won’t give in to it.”

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Kopf went on to further call out KEEM for his post, writing, “Why some men feel the need to comment on a women’s physical appearance when it has absolutely nothing to do with them will never cease to amaze me.”

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KEEMSTAR didn’t appear to be fazed by Corinna’s comments, as evidenced by a tweet he published shortly thereafter.

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“Omg, they are calling me a body shamer again,” he said of the debacle. “I don’t care if the whole world turns into social justice warriors. I’m still going to be KEEMSTAR & your tears won’t change me.”

This isn’t the first time KEEMSTAR has been called out for body shaming, either; KEEM faced mass backlash after comparing the body of model Erika Costell to that of YouTuber Eugenia Cooney, who is widely speculated to suffer from a severe eating disorder.

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Costell’s ex-boyfriend, YouTuber Jake Paul, came to her defense in a series of heated tweets – despite their highly-publicized and emotional split in 2018.

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