Cole Carrigan and LA Demi hold auditions for new beauty influencer house

by Alice Hearing


Ex-Team 10 member Cole Carrigan and beauty influencer LA Demi are launching a beauty creator house called The Glam House in Beverly Hills.

22-year-old Cole Carrigan is a professional makeup artist and influencer who was formerly a part of Jake Paul’s Team 10 creator collective in Los Angeles. LA Demi is an LGBTQ activist and beauty influencer who has appeared on shows such as Ex On The Beach and Botched.


Cole has often been involved in drama within the creator community. In May 2019 he claimed vine star Cameron Dallas threw water over him in a move motivated by homophobia. He was also kicked out of the Team 10 house, and last year accused ACE family’s Austin McBroom of rape.

Glam House Beverley Hills Cole Carrigan and LA Demi
Glam House Beverley Hills Cole Carrigan and LA Demi
LA Demi and Cole Carrigan are co-founders of the new creator house

Despite the scandals, Cole is determined to move on. He announced the house launch on his Instagram, stating that he wants it to be the first “Glam and beauty” house and said that they’re hosting auditions for other beauty creators to join.


He wrote: “We have been working so hard these past months in getting this new foundation started for the entire beauty community to unite, create, and INSPIRE! In this new chapter, we open the door to all genders, races, sizes, and sexual orientations wanting to create and collaborate with leading influencers, brands, and innovative beauty creators!"

He also added that The Glam House will be having a casting call for aspiring influencers to join the house.

LA Demi and Cole also uploaded a video Q&A to the official YouTube channel of their new house, detailing what was coming. LA Demi said: “Right now a lot of the beauty community is scattered and we really all need to find this way to come back together as one.”



How to apply to join

They explained that they are looking for anyone within the beauty community to join, not just makeup influencers. They said it includes skincare, wigs, nail tech, and hair. They also said that follower count will not be taken into consideration and that they are looking for anyone from very beginners to super advanced.

To apply, they asked that you send them a one minute video via their Instagram page showing off your talent and explaining why you’re a good fit for the Glam house and the beauty community.