CohhCarnage explains how Twitch’s sub-only streams could end up going “very wrong”

Alan Bernal
CohhCarnage YouTube / Streamer News

Hosts of the popular Dropped Frames podcasts dove into some of the negative, yet plausible effects that Sub-Only streams could have on Twitch if the feature drops on the platform.

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Early rumblings of a Sub-Only mode broke out on May 27 and was met with immediate ire from the larger online community. While the feature nor its details have been officially announced as of yet, Twitch audiences are apprehensive about what an option like that could do to the popular streaming site.

Even if the option does come to Twitch, it’s still unclear if that means Partnered broadcasters would have access to Sub-Only streams but if they do, Ben ‘Cohhcarnage’ Cassell can already see how it would give way to a startling trend.

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via Streamer NewsTwitch audiences quickly voiced their disapproval of a Sub-Only Stream feature.

While Cohh and co were talking about the impact that Sub-Only streams would have, the broadcaster touched on how the feature would be used “very wrongly” by some of the more risque personalities.

“Honestly it’s going to be used very wrongly, in a lot of ways,” Cohhcarnage said. “Just wait until the ASMR streamers and the Just-Dancing-little-clothes streamers start saying ‘Hey, I’m going to be wearing this much for my normal stream, but tune into my Sub-Only stream later when I’m only wearing this outfit.’ And they hold up literally a thing of floss.”

Twitch has already had numerous instances of streamers toeing the line of the site’s TOS before, and a Sub-Only stream feature might be a step in the wrong direction if the platform is looking to clean up unsavory content.

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Twitch testing Sub-Only Streams

It seems like Twitch is still working on the feature behind the scenes but audiences caught wind of an early graphic detailing how the mode would look like.

The mode is really straightforward, it would show non-subbed viewers a banner telling them they have a few minutes before their “free preview” is up and will then be asked to subscribe to the channel to continue watching.

While the mode will undoubtedly bring in more revenue for the more popular channels, audiences have been fairly negative for how the feature could be possibly abused.