Coffeezilla says Trainwreck “glamorizes” gambling despite claims he doesn’t

Coffeezilla YouTubeYouTube: Coffeezilla

YouTuber Coffeezilla has explained how he feels Trainwreck “glamorizes” gambling despite the Twitch star claiming he doesn’t do so.

Over the last year or so, popular Twitch streamer Trainwreck has become the top gambling streamer on the platform.

Train has made several claims that he doesn’t “glamorize” gambling, as he constantly shows how much money he continuously loses and has a disclaimer at the top of his stream that warns people to not gamble.

However, YouTuber Coffeezilla believes it’s not as simple as Train thinks — and explained why in a recent video upload.

Coffeezilla explains how Trainwreck “glamorizes” gambling

In the video, Coffee explains his recent interaction with Trainwreck after the Twitch star revealed he has been paid $360,000,000 for 16 months of gambling streams.

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In a quote retweet of the clip going around on Twitter, Coffeezilla called Train a “dirtbag” as he glamorizes gambling to his viewers, to which Train replied that he doesn’t.

“This is where I think as a streamer, no matter how ‘based’ you are… you can’t help but glamorize it [while streaming 16 hours a day],” Coffee explained.

“The opposite of not glamorizing something is being realistic, and showing the reality of gambling would involve Train gambling for about 10 seconds at $1,000 a spin, and run out of money.”

(Topic starts at 5:24)

He continued: “Instead, he gets to gamble 16 hours a day or eight hours a day, whatever he does, and he makes millions of dollars. That is a glamorous picture of gambling.”

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At the time of writing, Trainwreck hasn’t responded to Coffee’s comments — but we’ll be sure to update if he does.

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