Cloak takes shot at FaZe Clan with new Battalion username

Cloak, Instagram / FaZe Clan

Fortnite Battle Royale player’s lawsuit was first revealed on May 20, and now his duo partner Dennis ‘Cloak‘ Lepore has decided to take another shot at the organization. 

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This time, though, he’s decided to joke about the situation in a very different way – in the form of his Battalion 1944 username. 

The new gamertag was first revealed during a Twitch livestream of 100 Thieves‘ CEO and founder Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, who was looking to add Cloak on the game. However, the naming of his account did leave him speechless for a moment or two. 

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Square EnixBattalion 1944 was first released in February 2018, but has been growing in popularity on Twitch.

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“What is it?” Nade asked about the name. “Eight, zero, and then percent,” he responded, but Nadeshot didn’t seem to believe him at first until he actually came across the account and fired a friend request in his direction.

Nadeshot was left facepalming in front of the camera after Cloak revealed that ’80percent’ was his username, making reference to the highly discussed split of earnings between Tfue and the organization that he is still signed to, FaZe Clan. 

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Cloak has hardly been quiet since the legal dispute was first raised between both parties, hinting that he might soon leave FaZe after announcing that his Fortnite Battle Royale duo partner would be moving in with him on May 28.

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Whether or not Cloak will remain with the organization for much longer remains to be seen, but he’s certainly not hiding the support he has for his Fortnite Battle Royale partner in the legal battle. 

Only time will tell if he will remain with the org, or perhaps even move onto another – such as 100 Thieves.