Chris Eubank Jr sends fight offer to Jake Paul: “Winner gets Canelo”

Chris Eubank Jr Calls out jake paulInstagram: ChrisEubankJr

Chris Eubank Jr has sent a fight offer to Jake Paul over Twitter, mentioning that Jake can fight at whatever weight he wants and that the winner will get to fight Canelo.

On July 19, Jake Paul replied to a tweet talking about Chris Eubank Jr’s upcoming fight with Conor Benn. In the tweet, they talked about the fighters coming to a disagreement over a “rehydration clause” on fight night.

Jake Paul mentioned in his tweet that Hasim Rahman Jr, his upcoming opponent, can be any weight on fight night — and that Eubank should “Stop making excuses.”

Eubank replied, sending a fight offer to Jake Paul at whatever weight they want, and that the winner gets to fight Canelo.

Chris Eubank Jr sends fight offer to Jake Paul

Eubank Jr sent his fight offer over Twitter with a quote retweet.

He said: “Yo @jakepaul once I deal with Benn & you take care of Rahman how about me & you go a couple of rounds. I’ll come in at 160 you come in at whatever weight you want… The winner gets CANELO. And, don’t worry — I ain’t no Tommy Fury… if I say ima do something, it gets done.”

At the time of writing, Jake Paul hasn’t responded to the call out.

As Eubank’s tweet gained traction, fans of the boxer shared their thoughts in the replies.

One user said: “I’m not a troll but Benn and then jake Paul makes it sound like you’ve given up on your World Champion aspirations and are now just chasing the money?”

While another replied: “Boxing is in the gutter if having to fight a YouTuber is what it’s all about for a payday.”

It’s unknown whether or not a fight between Chris Eubank Jr and Jake Paul will ever happen, but it’s clear that his fans aren’t keen to see it happen.