Child screeching on 29-hour flight sparks outrage on TikTok

TikTokers 29 hour flight plagued by screaming Tim Bish / TikTok: balubrigada

An unfortunate TikToker documented his 29-hour flight with a child that wouldn’t stop screaming throughout the trip — and commenters are outraged on his behalf.

Traveling can be a fun experience, but flying is another ball of wax.

From waiting in long lines at security to checking bags and more, the most convenient form of long-distance travel has turned into a stressful and expensive affair for many travelers… but one TikToker’s plane experience takes the cake.

TikToker Balu Brigada is going viral on the video-sharing platform after documenting his eye-twitching adventure on a 29-hour flight to Berlin, Germany.

TikToker’s 29-hour flight with screaming child goes viral

His video contains several clips taken throughout his flight, all of which feature the near-constant screeches of a young child.

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Luckily, the TikToker seemed to take the noise with good humor, captioning his various clips with humorous ‘compliments’ like, “The kid’s got some lungs,” “Great projection,” A nice long one [scream] here,” “Kettle’s boiled,” and “Stellar performance. Incredible stamina. 10/10.”

During the video, Brigada’s eye is almost constantly twitching out of annoyance… and commenters are deeply empathizing with his plight.

More than a few viewers suggested that airlines sell child-free flights, while others called the video the “perfect birth control.”

“Honestly, there should be kid-free flights and kid flights,” one user suggested.

“I would pay EXTRA for kid-free flights,” another said.

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“I think my tubes just tied themselves,” another joked.

TikTok comments child screeching on 29 hour flight copyTikTok: balubrigada

Brigada’s video brought up the age-old question — is it a good idea to bring babies on flights? Many pediatricians agree that it’s best to wait for newborns’ immune systems are better developed, but say that air travel is generally fine for “most healthy, full-term infants.”

This is just the latest airplane-related fiasco to go viral after a TikToker airdropped some sensitive content to strangers at an airport.