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Charli D’Amelio reacts to Thomas Petrou’s bizarre prank on Lil Huddy

Published: 26/May/2020 23:49

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok stars Chase ‘Lil Huddy’ Hudson and Charli D’Amelio parted ways in mid-April — but it doesn’t look like Huddy’s friends are interested in letting him move on from his past romance.

The TikTokkers’ relationship quickly dissolved following accusations of infidelity against Hudson, with creator Josh Richards alleging he’d sent direct messages to Nessa Barret with ulterior intentions.

After dropping a viral diss track against Hudson, he and D’Amelio announced their breakup to fans in separate Instagram stories — but the fallout from their past romance is still going strong.

Chase Hudson, Instagram
TiKTok stars Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson parted ways in April, following allegations that Hudson had been unfaithful to the platform’s number-one creator.

Thomas Petrou, co-founder of the Hype House of TikTok fame, decided to pull a prank on Hudson by covering his bedroom with posters of Charli D’Amelio.

Hudson reacted to the practical joke in a TikTok on May 26, seemingly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of posters that had been plastered all over his walls.

Clearly mouthing “What,” Huddy panned the camera around to show how much of his room had been overtaken by his ex-girlfriend’s photos, pulling back his hair with a defeated expression.

@lilhuddythomas covered my entire room with pictures of charli, bruh i’m weakk??♬ Freak by Doja Cat. On soundcloud – coenbeauty

“Thomas covered my entire room with pictures of Charli,” he captioned his video. “Bruh I’m weak.”

Petrou also uploaded the hijinks in a TikTok of his own, where he jokingly taunted Hudson, asking, “So Chase, how do you like your new gift?”

“I hate myself,” he joked back, getting a laugh out of Petrou in the process.

@petroutvNew YT video is out on my channel. Also cancelled Merch just dropped! Link in bio!♬ original sound – petroutv

That’s not all; Petrou also documented his prank in a vlog, where he showed off his artwork to Charli’s older sister, Dixie D’Amelio, who was completely floored by his random prank.

“That’s so mean!” she laughed as Thomas showed her the room. “Oh my god. I love it!”

He even showed his joke off to Charli, who was quick to tell him that he was the “worst person ever” and urged him to stop — but her warnings didn’t dissuade him from his prank, successfully shocking her ex-boyfriend.

“I can’t escape it. Holy s**t, you did my bathroom?” Chase exclaimed, walking into his bathroom only to find another Hype House member doing an impromptu photo shoot in his bathtub — complete with bubbles and roses.

Needless to say, the prank certainly got a lot of laughs out of the House — and made for an unforgettable moment, in the process.


Shroud explains why xQc’s Twitch ban “doesn’t mean anything”

Published: 19/Nov/2020 7:28 Updated: 19/Nov/2020 7:47

by Andrew Amos


Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek played a big role in bringing attention to Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel stream sniping during the Glitchcon Twitch Rivals Fall Guys event. However, the star streamer believed the French-Canadian’s ban “doesn’t mean anything.”

Twitch legend xQc has been banned from the platform for seven days after complaints were raised about the French-Canadian stream sniping during a Twitch Rivals event.

He was called out by shroud and a host of other streamers for allegedly targeting their lobbies during the event. However, Grzesiek believes that at the end of the day, Twitch suspending xQc “doesn’t mean anything.”

Shroud initially thought xQc was going to escape the ban hammer after a lack of community outrage. Once the suspension was handed down though, the fact it was temporary meant xQc has the chance to come back “stronger than ever.” He also drew parallels to Dr Disrespect’s bathroom ban after E3 2019.

“I actually didn’t think he was going to get banned. A lot of people were saying it was blown out of proportion. I think it was the opposite ⁠— I thought it wasn’t blown up enough, and I thought Twitch was just going to let it slide,” shroud admitted on his November 18 stream.

“Getting banned doesn’t mean anything. Dr Disrespect got banned for a month for streaming in a bathroom. He came back stronger than ever.”

Shroud explained that, as a big streamer, getting banned can be the “best case scenario.” After all, it’s just a forced vacation if it’s not a permanent ban. Once you’ve done the time, you get to go back to work.

“I strive to never get banned. If I did get banned, would I really care though? Probably not, because getting banned doesn’t really do anything. You take a little vacation, and you come back swinging,” he said.

“It’s weird how getting banned for a big streamer is a best case scenario, which basically makes zero sense. Twitch can’t really change the rules of how someone gets banned based off their top streamers, it’s not really fair. I’m just happy they’re keeping it consistent.”

The FPS star reserved his judgment about whether the ban was too harsh or too light. However, he did double down on his statement stating xQc’s stream sniping was “Twitch history.”

“A lot of people thought I was trolling when I said ‘this was Twitch history’. No big Twitch partner has done something like that before. The only people who stream-snipe are non-partners and then they get perma-banned and that’s it. I bet you Twitch didn’t even know what to do.”

xQc was also forced to give up his prize money from GlitchCon, and has been banned from competing in Twitch Rivals events for six months. The streamer apologized to his fans, stating “I thought it would be funny… it did not change the outcome but it was still malicious.”

xQc will be unbanned on November 24.