Catherine McBroom confuses fans with odd response to allegations of drug promotion

Catherine McBroom posing for a pictureInstagram: catherinemcbroom

Catherine McBroom has responded to allegations of promoting drugs, confusing fans with her comments in the process.

Austin McBroom may have his boxing match against AnEsonGib coming up, but it appears his wife Catherine is up to other stuff in her life.

McBroom was asked by a fan recently whether or not she was promoting “magic mushrooms” online, because it’s “not what they expected from her.”

She responded to the accusations but left fans confused with how odd her comments were.

Catherine McBroom confuses fans

In what appears to be a Snapchat story, Catherine responded to the fan accusing her of promoting drugs online.

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She replied: “Promoting isn’t the correct word. More like being vulnerable and sharing what I know is the truth. Something most of the world is lacking in today’s time. Most people are “promoting” hate speech, bullying, violence, lab created “medicine,” liquor, etc. All things that are truly poison.

“Most people are conditioned by the matrix. It’s time to reverse it. I’m also a 31-year-old woman with a lot of life experience and still haven’t shared my story with the world yet. The Irony. Everything I share is extremely authentic to me.”

Catherine McBroom's response to drug promotingCatherine McBroom

Another fan responded, asking Catherine a question in regards to her initial response.

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They asked: “Just out of curiosity and no hate – do you not support any “lab-created” medicine? What about the kind that actually saves lives? Just wondering, not hating!”

McBroom responded: “In my opinion, lab-created medicine is only a bandaid. Plants heal. Nature heals. That’s my opinion, and we can agree to disagree. That’s fine too.”

Catherine McBroom Medicine QuestionCatherine McBroom

Her responses left fans confused, taking to DefNoodles’ post about the subject to share their thoughts.

One user said: “I don’t think she understands how medicine is created.”

While another replied: “What a strange woman.”