Casey Neistat Unveils New 368 Gaming Space with TSM Myth, TBNRFrags and TypicalGamer in Partnership with Battlefield V

Casey Neistat’s 368 Gaming space is officially up and running, thanks to a partnership with EA and Battlefield V, joined by streamers TSM Myth, TBNRFrags and Typical Gamer.

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Neistat launched his 368 scheme in early 2018, with plans for a gaming arm announced in May, and it finally official, kicking off with the Battlefield V beta.

Twitch streamer and TSM member Ali “Myth” Kabbani was in the building, as well as YouTubers Typical Gamer and member Preston (a.k.a TBNRFrags).

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Neistat isn’t known to have much involvement with gaming generally, and admits he would make a terrible professional player because he’s “not very good at sitting still.”

But with the help of Myth, TG and Preston, Neistat said he achieved what his original goal with 368 Gaming was.

“At the end of the day, it was a handful of people who also make their living on YouTube, on Twitch, on the internet, getting together and talking about our experiences.

And that is very literally the expressed goal of what I had hoped to do at the 368. So really amazingly awesome day.”

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Neistat doesn’t reveal how his own gaming went, but did title the video ‘worst pro gamer ever’ – so it doesn’t sound good. 

Myth however proved he is more than just a Fortnite wiz, pulling off this crazy game winning spree in only his second match of Battlefield V.

Future plans for 368 Gaming are unclear, but with Neistat’s following, other publishers and developers may look at doing a similar partnership as EA have done to help promote new releases.

The impact of streamers and gaming YouTubers cannot be understated in the current gaming market, and developers will know that putting their game in front of millions by way of content creators is a big advertising boost.