Bryce Hall claims he’s now worth over $10m in response to TikTok haters

Bryce Hall talking to a camera with moneyYouTube: Bryce Hall/Unsplash

Social Media star Bryce Hall has claimed he’s now worth more than $10 million after claiming that people are “sleeping” on the success that TikTokers are having.

Since it started to explode in popularity, TikTok has always been compared to the rise of Vine as the most popular creators have started to expand their reach across social media and even into the mainstream.

A handful of them have appeared on talk shows for interviews, started their own vlogs and podcasts, and even struck up deals with popular brands across the globe.

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That includes Bryce Hall who, most recently, has been embroiled in drama with YouTuber Austin McBroom that is going to be settled in the boxing ring during a YouTubers vs TikTokers event. The event has been criticized by quite a number across social media, including those who hate on TikTok with every chance they get.

Bryce Hall on YouTubeYouTube: Bryce Hall
Bryce Hall has turned his TikTok success into success on other platforms.

On March 19, Hall sent a shot at those who continue to badmouth and downplay the success of TikTok’s most popular creators. “TikTokers continue to exceed everyone’s expectations and it will just continue to happen… how much more s**t can people talk before they realize we’ll just keep winning,” he said.

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“Bryce Hall I can confidently say that you have never exceeded or met my expectations,” replied GriffinMaxwellB, who ended up catching a response from Bryce himself as he decided to flex a little.

“Is your expectations greater than being a 21-year-old worth more than $10m? If so, you must be worth more! I’d love to know! Thx for the feedback xoxo” the TikToker hit back.

Some replies suggested that Bryce may have been overstating that figure, showing that a quick search puts him closer to $2 million. However, while you can search up somebody else’s net worth, those figures are usually wildly incorrect.

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Either way, it wouldn’t be shocking to see him worth so much. It was only back in August that reports claimed that his girlfriend, Addison Rae, had made $5 million from TikTok in 2020 with the D’Amelio’s not far behind either. It’s clearly been a major success for everyone involved.

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