British man named Harry Potter shares how “ridiculous” his life is

Meera Jacka
British man named Harry Potter shares how ridiculous his life is

A British man has revealed some of the “ridiculous things” he’s experienced due to coincidentally sharing his name with the popular fictional wizard, Harry Potter.

According to research by, there has been a spike in parents paying tribute to their favorite fictional characters and celebrities by naming their newborns after them.

But what is life actually like for these children growing up, especially those with more recognizable names? Well, one TikToker has just spilled the beans.

Going by ‘worldlytrends’ online, this British man happens to be named Harry Potter. And he has now shared four of the most “ridiculous things” he’s experienced due to the bizarre coincidence.

Born six months before the first book was published, Harry decided to “rank” some of his lived experiences, with number one being his participation on a Japanese game show.

“I made about a hundred quid out of this which I thought was great,” Harry said. However, he then added that another participant — also named Harry Potter — had bought a first edition of The Philosopher’s Stone, something he was later able to sell for a whopping €30,000.

Luckily, number two on the list could arguably make up for the loss; Harry had the chance to meet his “uncle,” Gary Oldman, who portrays the character Sirius Black in the movies.

Harry Potter and Gary Oldman
Harry even got to snap a photo together with Oldman.

The chance encounter took place in an airport during a school trip, with Oldman not believing the bizarre coincidence until Harry showed the actor his passport.

“Coming in at number three, I managed to open a bookshop for the release of The Deathly Hallows at midnight,” Harry continued, showing a childhood photo of himself dressed as a wizard.

Last of all, Harry shared that once while walking to university, a passerby whom he’d never met before said to him, “You’re a wizard, Harry.”

“And I never did find out who he was,” Harry concluded.

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