Boxing star Ryan Garcia responds to Bryce Hall’s fight offer with 20-second bet

Ryan Garcia and Bryce Hall side-by-sideInstagram: Ryan Garcia/YouTube: Bryce Hall

Rising boxing star Ryan ‘KingRy’ Garcia is seemingly open to fighting Bryce Hall, but he’s not planning on it lasting more than 20 seconds. 

With KSI and the Paul brothers making major inroads for influencers to jump into boxing, plenty of their fellow social media stars have followed them into the sport.

That includes Bryce Hall, who fought on the YouTubers vs TikTokers card back in June of 2021, falling to a third-round knockout at the hands of ACE Family’s Austin McBroom.

While he hasn’t stepped into the ring since then, the TikToker has been linked with plenty of fights, including internet sensations The Island Boys and even lightweight boxing contender Ryan Garcia – who helped train him for the fight with McBroom.

Bryce Hall Austin McBroom YouTube vs TikTokYouTube: The Daily Stardust
YouTube star Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall fought as the final fight of the night at Battle of the Platforms.

With Bryce talking about potential future opponents on social media, KingRy threw his hat into the ring with a, perhaps, tongue-in-cheek answer to Bryce’s UFC 271 challenge.

“If I don’t KO (knockout) you in 20 seconds, you win,” the undefeated boxer said, with plenty of fans backing him to get the job done.

Though, there were plenty of others who asked why he was tweeting Bryce Hall with fight offers rather than finding a future opponent that is at his level.

The 23-year-old, who dismantled British boxer Luke Campbell last time out, has been tipped for big things in the boxing world – but he has branched out into the content creation space from time to time.

A fight with Bryce would, obviously, be a total mismatch but working with him ahead of his next actual fight might bring some new eyes to him as he closes in on 9 million Instagram followers of his own.