Body paint streamer slams Twitch “negligence” after being banned again

Body painter intraventus in a God of War cosplayInstagram: intraventus

UPDATE August 28, 2:10 PM PST – Intraventus has been unbanned from Twitch, under 24 hours after calling out the platform for her suspension.

Original story can be read below.

Body painter ‘Intraventus’ has hit out at Twitch and their “negligence” after she received another ban from the live streaming platform, as she calls for clarity and change over what has happened. 

Even though the large majority of streamers use Twitch to play games, there are plenty of others who use it to host podcasts, do news shows, and even stream themselves making art – be it professionally or as a hobby. 

One thing that falls under the art category is body painting. Twitch has strict rules about body painting, and it is allowed so long as the streamers meets standards relating to how much of their body is covered up on stream. 

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However, for Intraventus – a popular body painting streamer has over 71,000 followers on the platform – she has been left to call out Twitch yet again after receiving another ban for her body painting.  

Intraventus, InstagramIntraventus - Instagram
Cosplayer and body painter “Intraventus’s” take on Darkstalkers’ Morrigan Aensland is a testament to her skill.

The body painter, who was left in tears the last time the platform suspended her, expressed her frustrations on August 28 by saying she is “tired of having to deal with the negligence” from Twitch and that it is “unfair and happening far too often” to her. 

Intraventus even attached a video of how she had been painting herself, noting that the ban reason she received started that she was either insufficiently covered or took too long of a break during the stream.

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“I didn’t take a single break. I literally painted the entire stream. So, Twitch, what really happened here?” she added. “I’m so tired of being banned off of your platform, meanwhile, while I use your platform, I’m constantly harassed by trolls and children that can’t understand that this is art. You need to do something.”

Unlike some other body painters, Intraventus has not had her entire channel removed, and has just received a 24-hour ban from Twitch.

She also noted that while she is a Twitch partner, she doesn’t have a partner manager to turn to in order to get some help, so it might be something Twitch has to seriously look into moving forward.

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