Bodacious Twitch streamer crushes beer can between buns of steel

by Brad Norton


In what is unquestionably one of the most remarkable displays of raw power in the history of Twitch, this over the top streamer personified elegance when crushing a can of beer as only he could.

Formerly a renowned Vine star with over two million followers on the since-defunct platform, Michael Lopriore transitioned his efforts to Twitch and has climbed to notoriety once again through his comedic acts.

Often ramping things up a notch with his community and donning various hairstyles, the entertaining streamer has found himself in the spotlight after a hilarious night of drinking.


Throughout a November 26 broadcast, Lopriore jumped through a variety of popular games, entertaining his viewers between each competitive match. 

Drinking all the while, the streamer transitioned to a full-shot of his webcam before addressing his fanbase directly: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to crush this can with my buttcheeks,” he hilariously stated out of nowhere.

“My mum blessed me with a Puerto Rican pair of buttcheeks that are absolutely amazing,” he added as his blonde wig fluttered in the center of the frame. 


Chugging the can of Coors Light with his pinky elegantly raised to showcase his class, the streamer deadpanned the camera before standing up and assuming position for the butt-clenching feat.

Wedging the can in place, he flexed his entire body and revealed the perfectly crushed aftermath. Unbeknownst to the streamer, this iconic moment would quickly draw a lot of new eyes to his broadcast.

“Dude, who the f*ck posted this clip of me crushing a beer can with my ass cheeks,” he questioned on Twitter. “LMFAO I woke up to 23k views on this clip from last night! Low Brow entertainment at its finest baby.”


The combination of perfectly fitting music, over the top visuals, and a tremendous feat of strength all coalesced into a memorable moment in Twitch history.

Perhaps this former Vine phenomenon will look to one-up this amusing bit throughout his next variety stream.