Blockbuster takes aim at Netflix as account sharing crackdown begins


Companies like Blockbuster and Amazon Prime Video are taking shots at Netflix as they begin cracking down on account sharing by charging extra members. 

Password sharing has long been overlooked by Netflix since its inception. With one of their most infamous tweets reading, “love is sharing a password”. Despite not being allowed in their rules and even at times encouraging it to its users, the company is now looking to be much more strict with the problem.

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However, throughout this past week, Netflix has been sending out emails across different regions stating that a Netflix account is only for “use by one household”, and anybody else who isn’t living with you will need to pay around $4.99 to $7.99 depending on region. 

However, it seems companies like Blockbuster and Amazon Prime Video are taking shots at Netflix as their crackdown begins.

“A friendly reminder that when you used to rent videos from us. We didn’t care who you shared it with… As long as you returned it on time” their twitter account wrote, tagging Netflix in it.

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Funnily enough, Netflix had a 10 episode sitcom named Blockbuster, set in a branch of the video rental store and about its owners. 

Blockbuster takes aim at Netflix over password sharing crackdown

Even Prime Video is taking shots at Netflix, replying to the infamous tweet with a cheeky image which reads, “who’s watching? Everyone who has our password” stylized in profiles. 

Despite the cheeky tweet, it is unsure if streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max would follow suit in Netflix’s footsteps in cracking down on password sharing. 

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Netflix’s crackdown has been long rumored, and now it makes them the first streaming platform to enforce such a rule. The crackdown on account sharing is a blow to families and friends who share their login details as to split the cost of a Netflix account each month. 

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