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Birds of Prey star Margot Robbie loses her mind on Hot Ones YouTube show

Published: 7/Feb/2020 23:31

by Bill Cooney


To the internet’s delight, actress Margot Robbie made a stop by famous YouTube show ‘Hot Ones’ to try out some uncomfortably spicy hot sauces and even share questionable life advice.

Robbie has become the IRL face of DC Comic’s character Harley Quinn thanks to 2016’s “Suicide Squad” and the new “Birds of Prey,” which was a major factor for her appearance on First We Feast’s Hot Ones.

The actress said her tolerance for spicy food was “extremely limited” and claimed she had “the palette of a four-year-old,” which made the ensuing gauntlet of diabolically hot sauces even more entertaining.


First We Feast/YouTube
Robbie was definitely feeling the heat on Hot Ones.

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By the third condiment, it was already clear Robbie was feeling the effects, asking host Sean Evans “has anyone ever been this pathetic at #3?”

Despite her fears, the actress pressed on as the sauces got hotter and hotter, even dishing out some life advice that she herself acknowledged was a bit questionable: That it’s much easier to get a tattoo after having a few drinks.

“People aren’t really fazed if they’ve had a couple drinks – they also don’t sit still, though,” she said, before asking if she could take off her jacket due to the heat of the sauce. “I’ve never eaten anything so spicy in my life.”


Getting a tattoo under the influence isn’t typically a good idea, since it thins out the blood, and Robbie herself acknowledged that viewers definitely shouldn’t try to follow her advice.

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By the eighth hot sauce, appropriately named “Da Bomb,” Robbie was having trouble concentrating and desperately drank milk in an effort to combat the capsaicin that was wreaking havoc on her mouth.

“I think I might die,” the actress exclaimed as Evans warned her to keep her sauce-covered hands away from her eyes. “It’s so spicy, like holy sh*t, I don’t know how it could get more spicy.”


At sauce number nine, Robbie’s answers to questions were almost impossible to understand, due to her taking a drink of milk, water or OJ in between almost every word.

To finish things off, her costars from “Birds of Prey” joined the show to try the hottest sauce of them all, which surprisingly enough didn’t seem too bad, based on Robbie’s reaction compared to others.

First We Feast/YouTube
Robbie probably won’t be getting hot sauce anytime soon after this experience.

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As for Robbie’s newest movie, comic book fans aren’t the only ones with reason to be excited, since Fortnite players can unlock an exclusive Harley Quinn skin in-game as part of a limited crossover event.


Whatever Robbie gets up to next, we have to think that it probably won’t involve hot sauce, based on her reaction throughout the hilarious video.