Pokimane flustered by uncomfortable OfflineTV lie detector questions

by Brent Koepp
YouTube: OfflineTV


A hilarious lie detector exam quickly turned uncomfortable when Twitch star Imane 'Pokimane' Anys was asked personal questions about her streaming group OfflineTV.

Pokimane is the top female streamer on Twitch as her laidback variety broadcasts have made her popular on the platform. She is also a media juggernaut with millions of followers across her YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

However, the streaming personality was left flustered when she took a lie detector test with her OfflineTV crew, and was asked if she would ever leave the group for a better offer.


Pokimane takes lie detector test

The OfflineTV crew decided to take a lie detector test for their February 5th episode, and each member took a turn in the hot seat while being asked questions. The Moroccan Canadian's exam started out light, at first being asked if she loved her cat Mimi more than her friends.

"I mean you can't say friends as a whole. Like I wouldn't kill you guys to save Mimi," she explained before admitting she would save her cat over Fedmyster if both were hanging off a cliff.

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The questions became more personal when she was asked if she thought she was the best looking person at OfflineTV. While stating no, the test giver said she was being untruthful. However when the streamer said "I wouldn't say any of you guys are unattractive," the test read her statement as a lie, causing everyone to break into laughter.

Instagram: @pokimanelol
The streaming personality is the most popular female channel on Twitch.


Things got uncomfortable when Pokimane was asked if she would ever leave the collective if she got a better financial offer. "No,"she stated, however the group erupted when it was revealed to be a lie.

Flustered, the Twitch star turned to her friends and said "It's not about the money!" but then the man administering the test said "That's a lie!" which caused the streamer to put her head in her hands.

The streamer clarified, "It sucks because like I think it's funny. But it's also not true. And also people will give me s**t for it!" which also read as a lie.  Ending her exam, the man declared, "She does think she is the best looking. And she will leave for more money."

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It should be stated that the whole thing was in good fun and that in many countries, lie detector exams are not admissible in courts due to them being wildly inaccurate and unreliable.

Pokimane continues to crush it on Twitch, growing over 3.8 million followers to her channel. The OfflineTV star also got her own Tik-Tok dance in Fortnite in January as custom emote, proving her dominance in the streaming space.