Fake ‘Belle Delphine Gamer Girl Pee’ goes on sale as trolls cash in on bath water demand

Matt Porter
Instagram: BelleDelphine / Unsplash

Clever trolls have created a fake website pretending to be Belle Delphine, selling a jar of “Gamer Girl Pee” for $10,000 as they try to cash in on the 19-year-olds viral fame. 

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Delphine had social media buzzing back on July 2, when she revealed that she would be selling jars of her bath water to “thirsty” fans for the summly price of $30, posting a video on Instagram which showed the starlet personally filling them up herself.

Following the success of her bathwater business, it appears trolls are attempting to take advantage of her popularity, creating a fake website and claiming to sell a vial of her urine for $10,000.

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After revealing that her GamerGirl Bath Water had officially sold out, the Instagram star asked her fans what weird item she should sell next on her website.

Plenty of fans suggested she should sell some of her cute outfits or restock her obviously popular bath water, but it seems that trolls have used her post to create an ultra expensive product of their own. 

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The site is a near-perfect copy of Delphine’s own store, with listings for prints and posters than the starlet herself sells on her official website.  

The Gamer Girl Pee is priced at $9,999 on the fake website, claiming that only one jar will be sold to a “lucky cutie fan,” and includes the disclaimer found on the original bath water product that it is only for sentimental purposes, and not to be consumed. 

The website even included a convincing picture of the item, complete a lid emblazoned with the words “GamerGirl Pee,” and a message stating that the product has been sent with “love from Belle Delphine.” in the same style that was used on her bathwater product. 

The website created an impressively accurate fake.
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With Delphine becoming an viral celebrity after the release of her Gamer Girl Bath Water product, it’s no surprise that there are people trying to cash in on her fame to make a quick buck, or to find some fame of her own in what may be a hilarious prank. 

The item is not associated with Belle Delphine, and is not an official product sold by the controversial internet star.