AustinShow host denies crude allegations from now-banned Twitch recruiter

austin showInstagram, @austinontwitch

Austin, of the Austin Show, has vehemently denied allegations levied against him in a live stream by a former show recruiter and producer, Claw, who has since been banned from Twitch.  

The Austin Show, formerly known as the Rajj Show, is a popular Twitch personality and reality show, including an infamous -style segment.

In a candid live stream, Claw claimed Austin, as well as other recruiters, have abused their power to have romantic relations with people who want airtime on the show.

“I’ve f**ked two girls in the past three years and neither of them have been on the Austin Show … Go ask any other recruiter for the Austin Show, including Austin himself, if he can say the same thing. Well that’s the other thing I’ll expose, too: Austin uses the show to basically farm gay simps and s**t,” Claw said.

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Claw alleges Austin and other show staff have obtained personal gain by taking advantage of their ability to give interested parties public exposure on the channel.

These allegations call into question the fairness with which personalities are recruited, as well as the morality of abusing a position of relative power. While he expands that “it’s all public, by the way,” the veracity of his claims have since been refuted by Austin.

While he decided not to respond directly, Discord messages show Austin’s denial. In Austin’s response to questions from members of his Discord server, he explains the levied allegations are “baseless” and not “worthy of a response.”

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Further, he expanded that he has “never had a physical relationship with any guy from Twitch ever,” and that he has “flirted around a bit, of course, like any other human, but never as it pertains to getting someone on my show.”

For people hoping that Claw would be able to respond to the refutal on Twitch, that seems unlikely to occur. After showing a screenshot that included a blurred, naked woman, he has been permanently banned from Twitch.

Claw has continued to speak out about the situation on Twitter, despite the denial by Austin and general disapproval of the online community.

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In response to his tweets, users have commented in hopes he will move on from the uncomfortable situation. While one user recommended that he “take a break from Twitter for a bit,” others have asked that he “seek help.”

Given the frustrated tone he has taken up on social media, another response was succinct: “Keep your head up.”