Aubrey Plaza’s SNL spoof of Avatar, White Lotus, & M3gan goes viral on TikTok

Aubrey Plaza SNL headerTwitter: SNL

The latest episode of SNL is going viral online thanks to an impressive hosting job by Aubrey Plaza, with the actor recreating some of the most talked about shows and films at the moment including the likes of Avatar, M3gan, and White Lotus.

Hot off the success of her role in the second season of White Lotus, Aubrey Plaza stopped by SNL to host the most recent episode of the long-running comedy show. She began her appearance on the show by using her opening monologue as a way to recreate her humble beginnings as an NBC tour guide. With the TikTok clip for the monologue already gaining 2.2 million views on TikTok, that number only continues to rise.

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From there, Plaza then took part in a series of sketches, all of which made fun of some of the most viral and talked about pop culture moments at this point in time. Joined alongside the SNL cast, Plaza featured in sketches that poked fun at the newest Avatar: The Way of the Water film as well as the new horror film M3gan

The latter of the two feature Plaza as the titular character in what they imagine to be the sequel to the brand-new movie.

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Aubrey Plaza and SNL make fun of White Lotus & recreate viral Miss Universe 2023 video

However, the two sketches that have seemingly gotten the most attention on TikTok are the “Black Lotus” one as well as the recreation of the Miss Universe 2023 announcement video. The former of the two poked fun of the over-the-top nature of White Lotus and how some of the characters featured in the second season had very little common sense.

For Plaza, her role in the show was a breakout moment for the actor, solidifying her dramatic acting chops given that she is best known for her deadpan comedy.

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In the Miss Universe 2023 sketch, Plaza plays the French contestant, imitating the way she yelled out her country of origin almost exactly like the real-life woman did. Something that TikTok users have been commenting about online and also reacting to.

One TikTok user commented “the FRANCE was so accurate” while another pointed out how this sketch was the “first time I have laughed out loud at SNL in a while.” Thanks to her committed performance, another TikToker wrote that “Aubrey should host SNL every week.”

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Both sketches already have over 1.2 million views on the SNL TikTok page despite only having been posted 11 hours ago. However, arguably the biggest surprise of the night was seeing Amy Poehler return to SNL, reprising her role on Weekend Update as her iconic Parks and Recreations character Leslie Knope.

Given how quickly fans have flocked to this latest batch of Aubrey Plaza content, it’s likely that these videos and sketches will get even more attention in the coming days.

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