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Asmongold explains why Twitch did Destiny a “favor” banning him

Published: 25/Mar/2022 21:24

by Marc Griffin


Asmongold has given his verdict on Destiny’s “indefinite” Twitch ban, explaining that Twitch might have actually done him a favor.

Twitch permanently banned Destiny on March 23. After the news broke, the streamer explained on YouTube that it was a result of him breaking hateful conduct rules. 

Destiny is famous for producing politically charged content where he holds debates, as well as conversations with people involved in politics. Destiny also offers insight and analysis into much-talked-about moments in the mainstream media. 

Though, his time conducting such sessions on Twitch is over – prompting fellow streaming star Asmongold has chimed in on the situation.


Destiny during a live stream
Destiny will be moving his content to Google’s YouTube.

When Twitch streamers are banned from the platform, they are often given the rules they broke but no word of how they did it and when. As stated, Destiny explained via a YouTube stream that Twitch banned him due to breaking “hateful conduct” rules. 

The streamer broke down his experience of Twitch bans, saying: “Twitch never tells me why I get banned”. 

With Destiny using this opportunity to fully move his brand to YouTube, Asmongold believes it could actually be a blessing in disguise. 

Asmongold explains why Twitch did Destiny a favor

In response to Twitch permanently banning Destiny, Asmongold spoke about how Twitch has allowed Destiny to better his brand as he makes YouTube his primary home. 


“My honest opinion about the Destiny ban is that they did him a favor. Destiny has cut his more controversial and edgy content–where he shines as a content creator, and I think they did him a favor by banning him,” says Asmongold during his Twitch live stream. 

“He can move over to Youtube to produce content with better integrity, depth, and more complexity. He can explore boundaries that Twitch prevented him from doing [politically].”

With Destiny now limited to where he can share his live content, it will be interesting to see how this impacts both Twitch and YouTube’s political landscapes in the long run.