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Asmongold explains why dealing with Twitch trolls is like being Harambe

Published: 17/Jan/2020 13:22

by Matt Porter


Popular streamer Asmongold has explained why he blocks anyone who tries to trash talk him while he broadcasts on Twitch instead of hitting back at their comments or criticisms, comparing it to being like Harambe.

One of the things that makes broadcasting on Twitch so popular is the opportunity to have a real-time conversation with your audience, allowing streamers the opportunity to build and foster relationships with their fans that they wouldn’t be able to via other methods of content creation.

Of course, broadcasting live to the world also means that those who aren’t fans, or want to rile the streamers up, are also able to send messages directly to them. While some streamers confront those who do so, Asmongold has revealed that he now blocks anyone who attempts it rather than lashing back.

Asmongold streaming on Twitch.
Twitch: Asmongold
Asmongold has revealed how he deals with people sending him rude messages.


The streamer, best known for playing World of Warcraft, appeared on the January 16 episode of TrainwrecksTV’s Scuffed Podcast, and when the topic of trash talkers in their chat came up, Asmongold explained why he had to start blocking them so he didn’t get himself in trouble.

“I do this for the sake of my stream,” he revealed. “I swear to God, same thing on Twitter. If somebody talks sh*t to me, I f**king block them.”

“If I come back at them, then I get a suspension and they don’t have sh*t happen to them. So I’m not going to sit there like Harambe in my cage, kids are throwing popcorn at me all f**king day, and then the moment one of them pops down into the cage, and I’m like ‘Alright, it’s time to pop off, I’m going to tear this kid apart,’ then I get shot. That’s what happens. I just block them.”

Host Trainwrecks instantly agreed with the streamer’s sentiment, as Twitch streamers who are deemed to have broken the platform’s Terms of Service can be issued with suspensions that affect their ability to earn income. For those trash-talking in the chat, their account may also be suspended, but there are no monetary losses for these actions, and they can just set up another account under another alias should they receive a permanent ban.

Of course, Twitch streaming and living in a zoo cage isn’t exactly the same, but the streamer still feels like creators can be treated like the gorilla, who became a cult figure online when the 17-year-old western lowland was shot when a 3-year-old boy climbed into his enclosure.

For those who plan on aiming digs at Asmongold, it’s maybe wise to refrain before he blocks your account too, as the streamer shows no regards to those who talk trash.

World of Warcraft

Shroud explains why WoW feels “completely different” in Shadowlands

Published: 25/Nov/2020 2:37 Updated: 25/Nov/2020 2:43

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Like most popular streamers, Shroud has been getting stuck into the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands grind, but although he’s enjoyed it so far, he said he feels like the game is “less immersive” than it used to be.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has taken the world by storm ever since it launched on November 23. Players have been hopping back into Azeroth to take the reigns of their characters once again.

Popular streamers like Mike ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek have been getting stuck into the grind too. He’s been very open about how much he loves the game and has streamed hours upon hours of World of Warcraft Classic. He even said he was willing to lose viewers to stream it.

Shroud World of Warcraft Shadowlands
Activision-Blizzard / Shroud
Shroud has thoroughly enjoyed playing World of Warcraft for many years now.

However, Shroud isn’t blinded by his love and adoration for the game. He still has some criticism for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and MMORPGs in general, and he mentioned them in his latest stream.

“I feel like [MMORPG’s] and WoW, in general, have transcended into something completely different,” he said. “In the past, you [played] because you were immersed. You were leveling up your character. You were getting new items. It felt good to be more powerful and do better things.”

“Now I feel like WoW is like play with friends and kill some shit,” he said. “That feeling of immersion and truly having an impact on the world and your character feeling there has kind of nullified.”

“When I played vanilla WoW in 2005, I was 11 years old, and it felt amazing,” he said. “It felt incredible. It felt like I was in my own realm. I was in my own world. Now it doesn’t feel like that. That feeling is gone.

The relevant part of the video starts at 2:00.

It’s a sentiment that others have echoed time and time again. The consensus is that MMORPGs have been streamlined throughout the years.

However, it hasn’t stopped millions of players, including Shroud, from enjoying World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. 

Plus, despite his criticism, he thinks now is the “best time” for new players to start playing the game because the new leveling process is “really cool.”