RLCS fans revolt after league cuts multiple fan-favorite casters

Declan Mclaughlin
RLCS 2023

RLCS fans have been going through it recently as Psyonix has announced a host of changes to Rocket League esports that have not gone over well with the community.

Psyonix announced some big changes for the 2024 RLCS season that include a reduction in the number of major tournaments, and an increase in open competition. The announcement laid out how instead of regional leagues, teams will qualify for international tournaments through online qualifiers and RLCS points based on placement.

The prize pool has also been reduced slightly for the 2024 circuit.

The community did not take to the changes well as fans, players, team owners, and broadcast talent spoke out against the changes.

However, the changes that seem to have fans most up in arms over is the broadcast talent lineup. Multiple fan-favorite casters and analysts have revealed they have not been asked back to the show and announced that they are looking for work.

RLCS cuts multiple casters after drastic changes made to circuit

Joey ‘Jorby’ Ahrens was the first announcer to reveal that he would not be returning to the RLCS broadcast, followed closely by Isaac ‘Turtle’ App, Jack ‘Corelli’ Collier, and Sean ‘Spaceman’ Rogers.

The RLCS subreddit has a running list of talent that have been cut so far. The fan sentiment seems to be mostly frustration from those changes, likely due to the recent performance of Psyonix’s parent company Epic.

Some fans have even discussed boycotting the league and the season to make sure Epic knows of their displeasure. A post on the RLCS subreddit saw fans discuss how complaining about the changes, and/or boycotting will help the league revert these changes.

“Well, I don‘t think complaining does much if the views don‘t go down with it. Like if they get the views they want, why should they care about any complaints. I think the most effective thing to do is complain and boycott. That way we can prove that our complaints are meant to be taken seriously. And if they still don‘t care, I feel better about not supporting a company that doesn‘t care about the game I love,” one user said.

Esports leagues across almost all major titles are facing negative economic headwinds commonly referred to as the “esports winter,” and the RLCS’s changes seem to be a direct response to the trend and Epic’s recent shortcomings.

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