TikToker Anna Shumate responds after being accused of supporting racist comments

Anna Shumate posing for an Instagram imageInstagram: annashumatee

Anna Shumate has responded after coming under fire for allegedly liking and making racist comments on a secondary TikTok account, and although some fans are calling it ‘dark humor,’ others think there’s nothing funny about it. 

Anna Shumate has more than 10 million followers on TikTok, and it’s all thanks to her viral videos. They’ve been liked almost 550 million times, and the numbers keep on rising.

However, some fans believe she crossed the line after allegedly liking and making racist comments on a secondary TikTok account, which is known to be hers. 

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Anna Shumate Racist CommentsTwitter: Anna Shumate
Anna’s recent antics on her secondary TikTok account didn’t sit well with fans.

The comment she allegedly wrote herself, which is getting the most attention, was an anti-Semitic ‘joke’ that said, “I like my bacon how I like my Jews. Burnt and crispy.” It’s a clear reference to the atrocities that happened in some concentration camps during World War II. 

However, she also liked and responded to other crude comments, including some directed towards African-Americans. For example, she liked a comment that said, “I’m not racist. I have an African-American in my family tree. It’s just hanging.”

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Since then, the situation snowballed into a heated debate on social media. Some fans think it was nothing more than ‘dark humor.’ In their view, if she deserves to be canceled over it, the same can be said about South Park.

However, others claim the comments are too tasteless to be brushed off as ‘dark humor.’ They labeled them disgusting, unfunny, and outright racist.

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Anna responds to backlash

The TikToker uploaded a video shortly after in which she apologized for liking the jokes. “The ones that I liked and commented back to were very unacceptable and wrong in so many ways. And I’m here to say that I’m sorry to everyone that I have affected with that video and those comments,” she said.

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Anna continued by saying: “In no way was I trying to be malicious when I made that, I was just trying to make a joke, but that’s no excuse whatsoever.”

She then responded to further backlash against her apology on her Instagram story. “Once again I am sorry my apology is not everything you are looking for but I do have a stuttering problem and if I talk too fast I don’t form sentences and lose my words.”

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Anna Shumate apologizes for liking comments

She also added: “To the people in my comment section or other comment sections stop calling other people sensitive/snowflakes because this is a very serious topic. I owned up to it because I know what I did was wrong, but to call people snowflakes because they have a problem with what I said is also wrong.”

The response to her apology so far has been mixed, but it’s unclear whether the influencer will choose to address the backlash any further.

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