Angry Bird plays Smash or Pass with Overwatch & Minecraft characters and it’s cursed

Angry Birds TikTokangrybirds / TikTok

The official Angry Birds TikTok account has posted a video showing one of the birds playing Smash or Pass on famous video game characters and it’s as cursed as you’d think it would be.

Official accounts on TikTok are constantly trying to find new ways to promote their games, brands, or products. However, sometimes these brands take a rather unique approach to their promotions, which is exactly what Angry Birds did.

Captioning the now-viral video ‘Any thoughts or violent reactions?’ we see the Red Angry Bird flicking through photos of popular video game characters like Overwatch’s Tracer, Minecraft’s Steve, and Assassin’s Creed’s Ezio labeling them as smash or pass.

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Shortly after, TikTok fans descended on the comments to exclaim how odd this video is.

Angry Birds TikTok plays Smash or Pass on video game characters and it’s cursed

One user took to the comments to question the video choice of the popular game, questioning “What happened to angry birds” while others refused “to believe this is on their official account” highlighting the odd choice of video from what is often labeled as a child-friendly game.

Meanwhile, some found the post hilarious, with one exclaiming “whoever manages this account I love this” and another posting “help ain’t no way this is real”.

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However, those who ended up watching the video in its entirety instead chose to question the Red Angry Birds taste in video game characters, with many Overwatch fans highlighting how “red didn’t pass on tracer” and their disbelief that anyone would pass on the popular character.

Others took to the comments to tag the games the bird said he would smash, with one tagging Minecraft in response to the Angry Bird saying he’d ‘smash’ Steve.

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While some found it hilarious and others questioned the bird’s choices, one commenter defined it all with “Bro what has angry birds become.”

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