Alinity’s Social Media Manager Stalks Anyone Who Harrases Her On Social Media

Matt Porter

Twitch streamer Alinity Divine recently revealed that her social media manager may be stalking people who harass her via social media.

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In a clip cut from one of her recent broadcasts, Alinity addressed her viewers, and warned them that her social media manager keeps record of those who send the streamer hate.

“He has a backlog of pictures of people who have said mean things to me. He also has a backlog of nudes. So if you like to tweet stuff that’s like mean or negative, or on Instagram or YouTube, he goes and stalks their pictures and he’s got them up somewhere.”

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She also admitted that the same social media manager keeps copies of any nudes that are sent to her, and may be actually posting them online, stating;

“It’s very likely that my social media manager is gonna catch the nudes, and add them to this backlog of nudes he has that he is posting in some places. So I really suggest you don’t do this. “

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Alinity is no stranger to controversy. In early 2018, she became embroiled in a public feud with Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg

After Kjellberg labeled Divine a “thot” in a video in which he used a clip of her, she responded by filing a copyright claim against the YouTube star, sparking a conflict between the two.

While there is a chance that Alinity said this in an attempt to stop people from sending her hate (and inappropriate pictures), it seems it might be a good idea to keep any nasty messages and nudes to yourself!