Alinity jokes she’ll get reported to PETA after knocking cat’s head accidentally

Twitch: Alinity

Streamer Alinity Devine finally made her return to Twitch following her recent ‘animal abuse’ controversy, and couldn’t help but make at least one joke about the situation.

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Back on July 18, the streamer caused outrage after throwing her cat over her head during a broadcast. After the clip went viral, social media users uncovered older clips were she fed her cat vodka and stuck a sticker over its face – with some accusing her of animal abuse. 

Since that point, Alinity had taken a break from streaming as pressured mounted on Twitch to suspend her channel, either temporarily or on a permanent basis. But, that didn’t happen and Alinity has returned to broadcasting – even taking time to poke fun at the whole situation.

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Twitch: AlinitySome Twitch users dug up an old clip of Alinity feeding her cat Vodka on-stream.

During her return stream on July 27, the popular broadcaster had been chatting to fans before she got up to feed her dog. After reaching over one of her cats to grab a container, she softly bumped into its head. Even though the cat didn’t flinch, Alinity quickly apologized before taking shots at her critics.

“Sorry! Oh my God, they’re going to report me to the PETA,” she said, before feeding her dog some treats. After returning to her camera, the streamer couldn’t help but laugh at what had just happened, and lost what she was about to say to her viewers.

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Of course, Alinity may view the soft tap on her cat as a joke, but her critics didn’t take her previous actions lightly – with some even reporting the streamer to her local Saskatoon SPCA.

Following an investigation, the Saskatoon SPCA essentially cleared Alinity of any potential animal abuse claims by stating that they believed there was no malicious intent when she tossed her cat across the room and she had expressed remorse for what happened.

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As for Twitch, the livestreaming platform has not made an official comment on the controversy – with only creative director djWHEAT weighing in and stating what he’d do if he had moderation powers. 

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Alinity appears to be getting back into her regular streaming pattern, but may be more wary about how she interacts with her pets when live in future.