Alinity explains viral cat bite fiasco with compilation video

Alinity, YouTube

Twitch star Alinity Divine was part of yet another viral internet moment when her pet cat bit her arm during a live stream — but it seems that she has finally explained the painful scenario with a compilation video of similar moments.

Alinity was the talk of the social media world during the summer of 2019 after she tossed her cat Milo over her head during a game of Apex Legends.

After previous footage was discovered of the streamer also feeding her cat vodka, the Saskatoon SPCA stepped in, but ultimately ruled that she had “no malicious intent” and had “expressed remorse” regarding the viral incident.

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AlinityDivine, Instagram
Twitch star Alinity Divine became the topic of internet drama in summer 2019 after tossing her cat Milo, pictured here, over her head during a game of Apex Legends.

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However, further drama arose months later, after her cat Maya seemed to enact its “revenge” on the star by biting her arm while she was singing for the camera, appearing to be annoyed by the loud noise.

While many critics speculated that the cat may have been reacting out of fear, Alinity has seemed to respond to the online outrage with a compilation video of other such interactions with her pet feline.

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Her March 10 video, titled, “Maya HATES when I sing!! She a sweetheart tho,” features a number of moments where Maya seems to react to Alinity’s singing by biting her forearm or her leg, interspersed with clips of the broadcaster snuggling and kissing the animal.

“Is my singing that bad?” she wrote in the video’s description.

“C’mon Maya, none of the other cats seem to mind. Milo is cool about it, Nova doesn’t mind. It’s just my beautiful voice!”

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Thus far, Alinity’s video has been met with mixed reviews from critics and fans alike — but it does seem that Maya’s biting is a regular occurrence, especially when its owner is belting out the tunes during Twitch Sings broadcasts.

Considering Maya’s seemingly indignant chase-down of her owner after her viral March 6 bite, where she followed Alinity as she retreated in her gaming chair, it comes as little surprise that the streamer “promised” her pet she’d stop singing — although it would appear that the two have a much better relationship when she’s not putting her vocal talent on display.

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