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Alinity denies “dubious” screenshots claiming she won’t be Twitch banned

Published: 22/Jul/2019 16:25 Updated: 22/Jul/2019 19:13

by Michael Gwilliam


Controversial Twitch streamer Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon is denying the legitimacy of a screenshot alleging she spoke to Twitch and will not be banned for throwing her cat during an Apex Legends match appeared online Monday, July 22. 

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The screenshot, posted to r/LiveStreamFail on Reddit shows Alinity allegedly saying, “don’t worry guys I’m fine. I spoke to someone at Twitch today and I’m not getting banned. But, people who have been harassing me might be.” 

Dexerto reached out to the streamer for comment, but did not receive a reply by the deadline. Alinity did tweet the following after publishing: “Hate to interrupt a good witch hunt in full swing but if you’re using dubious screenshots that are old or fake or whatever else you’re pretty mean spirited. But I guess that’s the point.”


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Alinity drew the ire of animal rights groups such as PETA and the Saskatoon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) after a clip of her throwing her cat went viral. Users also found earlier videos of the Columbian streamer feeding the same cat vodka.

The SPCA confirmed on Twitter that they were investigating the incident. There has not been any update on the case since July 19. 

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The incident became so wide-spread, it even became national news on CTV in Canada, where the streamer is based.

A recent petition, which as of this posting has 17,278 signatures, to get the streamer banned from Twitch has been gaining momentum. 


ImgurA screenshot alleges Alinity spoke to Twitch staff and will not be banned for controversial incidents involving her cats
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Ironically the petition even stated, “It’s clear that Twitch has a clear bias and they favor women streamers, but this is animal abuse. It’s time for them to take action and permanently ban Alinity.” 

As for any Twitch abuse the streamer has received, the popular female streamer has recently put her Twitch on subscribers only mode, meaning that only users who subscribe to her are able to chat on her stream. Her last broadcast was July 19, the day the controversy unfolded.

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The abuse may not be limited to the internet, though. Alinity has also claimed that people have been coming to her house and asking her neighbors where she is. 


“Please stop coming to my house and asking my neighbours where I am. Its actually really scary,” she wrote on Sunday July 21. 

With so many prominent voices including comedian Ricky Gervais, speaking out against the apparent animal abuse, any decision to not punish the streamer could result in even more controversy.